Chrome Artist Sneak Peek: Garbage Party

Garbage Party artist Jillian Fisher

Meet Jillian aka Garbage Party. Based in Queens, New York, Jillian is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and when she’s not creating you may find her working at a cozy little yarn shop in the West Village. We sat down with Jillian to discuss the new collection she created for Chrome. 

Chrome: Garbage Party! Love that name. Can you tell us more about it? 

Jillian: I think of Garbage Party as my crusty alter ego, it's the name I put on all of my handmade work. To be honest the name doesn't mean anything, I just think garbage is a funny word and partying is fun. I do try to make a lot of my work out of recycled fabric, scraps and other trash though, so it works.

Artist Jillian Fisher, Garbage Party at work

Chrome: Where inspires your work?

Jillian: Everywhere. I love outsider and folk art, but am mostly inspired by things made by non-artists. Like handmade signs on the side of the road, or stuff written on bathroom walls. Anything so bad it's good. 

Chrome: Tell us more about what you created from Chrome? What inspired the design?

Jillian: I wanted to make something fun that reminds me of friends, being young and carefree, not having anywhere to be or anything to do but goof off. I like to imagine they're riding to the diner, or some suburban parking lot to skate around and kill time. I also just really like drawing animal faces, so you know they had to be a cat and a dog.

Well, there you have it! Grab these stellar limited edition designs before there gone and if you are interested in seeing more of Jillian’s work follow her on instagram ( @garbage_party)

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