A mix of old and new Chrome photographs

We believe no one should be held back by their gear, so we make products built to stand up to your journey - wherever you’re headed.

Very old Chrome Citizen Messenger

Life in motion

Since 1995

Powered by scrappy means and curious minds, Chrome was born from a no-bullsh*t maker mentality with a focus on functionality with some play along the way. From a small garage in Colorado to a small but mighty crew in Portland, OR we've never lost our passion for thoughtfully designed gear rooted in purpose.

Girl closing an iconic Chrome buckle

An icon was born


When faced with the very real problem of dropping a fully loaded messenger bag, and unsatisfied with the buckles we could buy from a catalog, inspiration struck. We went to the junkyard and removed an Oldsmobile seatbelt buckle and sewed it onto a messenger bag. This marked the beginning of our resourceful way of making useful and dependable gear with fanatical focus on the details.

Let's Kick It

Best Foot Forward

All too familiar with the click click click of walking with a cycling shoe, we decided to reinvent it. With durable nylon and a built-in shank for on the pedal performance we kicked off our footwear collection. Today we continue to make shoes and boots built for life on and off the bike.

More than a store

Retail Therapy

Our first HUB opened below our office in San Francisco, created to be not just a retail store but a true hub of the city. With an in-house bag maker, early morning coffee shop and the knowledge of the best (and most affordable) burrito in the city, our HUBs reimagined the world of retail.

Man in Chrome shorts on a bike

Free the knees

Short Stories

Taking inspiration from the architecture of our cities, the Tensile Hip Pack is all about strength through structure. Built from a lightweight, weather-resistant, recycled ripstop nylon, the Tensile Collection reflects our commitment to keep pedaling forward, designing products with thoughtfully sourced materials and able to last for decades to come.

Urban Ex waterproof backpack in the rain

Urban Exploration

Waterproof Innovation

Our bags were always built to stand up to the elements, but with our Urban Ex collection it was time to take it a step further. Taking nods from dry bags and outdoor packs we infused our knowledge of what it takes to hold up to the day-to-day hustle and viola - a fully waterproof backpack, guaranteed for life.

Man wearing the Kadet in Royale

On to a good sling


As technology got smaller and people moved faster, there was the need for a bag as comfortable and easy to access as our messengers, but small enough to keep things light. Enter the Kadet Sling. An icon in it's own right, the Kadet launched us into the world of slings and we never looked back.

Chrome buckle bag on fashion week runway

More than a bag

Buckle hits the runway

In September '23, the spotlight shone brightly on our iconic buckle as visionary designer Rio Uribe selected Chrome for his brand's momentous 10-year anniversary show at NYFW. With a keen eye for merging the past with the future, Uribe chose to spotlight our brand's most iconic design element—the buckle—bringing a touch of timeless heritage and nostalgia to his groundbreaking showcase.

Bags hanging in the PDX drop shop store

The biggest little store

PDX Drop Shop

Part creative space, part retail store, all Chrome with first access to new drops and exclusive product you can only find here. The Drop Shop may be tiny in size, but it makes a big impact - a way to connect with the community in our hometown, knowing that booming cultures are built from the energy of the people in them.

Made for You

Every product we make, and every detail we obsess over is designed with you (the real person out there using it day in and day out) in mind. For the collaborative makers, out-of-the-box thinkers, and on-the-go getters. We create gear as distinct as you are. It comes down to our own commitment to our communities, knowing that booming cultures are built from the energy of the citizens in them.

Jilly is a unstoppable force, born and raised in New York City. See how Jilly is inspiring folks to get out and enjoy all the benefits that come from experiencing life on two wheels.

Lali, a Chrome ambassador

Lali is thriving in New York City as she brings a touch of nature to the concrete jungle. Explore her world and how she’s redefining city living with her green havens and making her dreams come true in NYC.

Eva is a skateboarder and musician based in Seattle, Washington. Learn more about her journey into skateboarding and how she’s found her voice and confidence through the skate community.

Chrome Gives

From the very beginning of Chrome's journey, we have dedicated ourselves to supporting the vibrant communities that pulse at the heart of our cities. Fueled by a deep passion for uplifting and inspiring those who advocate for meaningful change, giving voice to those who are unheard and supporting those who bring our vibrant community to life.

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Outright International

Outright International is a global champion for LGBTQ+ rights, tirelessly working to make sure everyone, no matter who they love or how they identify, gets to live with dignity and freedom from discrimination.

Incline Gallery

Incline Gallery is a artist-run space in San Francisco providing a platform for emerging Bay Area visual and performative artists. Through its architecturally distinct venue, it transforms an unusual series of ramps and volumes into an innovative exhibition space.


P:ear is an organization that provides both support and community to young people navigating the challenges of homelessness, helping them to find their path and thrive.