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Celebrating True Colors United
Chrome Gives Back

Celebrating True Colors United

We've got some seriously exciting news coming in hot ahead of Pride celebrations this summer. We’ve teamed up with True Colors United to drop a capsule collection that's all about standing up, stan...

Who’s Your (Pop-Culture) Mama?

Who’s Your (Pop-Culture) Mama?

  And What’s she most likely to carry? This year's Mother’s Day gift guide is inspired by these legendary TV and film moms that captured our imaginations—and our hearts. Who’s most like the iconic ...

Blast to the past with Chrome's April Fools Chromagotchi

Let's Party Like It's 1999

Transport back to a simpler time. Get in on the action and sign up for top-secret access to our brand-new Chromagotchi Buckle collection...

Gear GuidesGear Guide: T-Lok Technology

Gear Guide: T-Lok Technology

We’ve been in the backpack game for more than 25 years and know that one size never truly fits all. While most bags are adjustable, we’ve created a truly customizable fit with our T-Lok technology....

Chrome Gives BackChrome Gives Update: Incline Gallery

Chrome Gives Update: Incline Gallery

Uncover the inspiring story behind our Artist Series giveback to Incline Gallery! Discover how the vibrant San Francisco-based gallery is fueling the dreams of local artists.

Behind the Design:  New Urban Ex Backpacks

Behind the Design: New Urban Ex Backpacks

A Q&A with Chrome Industries Product Director, Nate Kuder, on the all-new waterproof Urban Ex Backpacks.



Featuring customizable hardware options! Did someone just yell REMIX? Finally, an opportunity to customize your Chrome hardware in our all-new, limited-edition holiday collection. *Insert air horn ...