Chrome Pro Series: SPD Compatible Sneakers

spd clipless sneaker on a bike pedal

In 2007, Chrome released its first pair of shoes, the Chrome Milo. Built with the same durable nylon as our messenger bags and combined with the technique of vulcanization - a process in which the rubber is treated with high heat to ensure long lasting durability - Chrome footwear was built tough like our bags and made to last longer than your average shoe.

The Milo paved the way for casual cycling shoes and in 2012 lead to the creation of the Chrome Pro Series - shoes designed to clip into the bike while also having the luxury of walking onto the pavement comfortably thanks to the recessed cleat mount design. Since then, we’ve come a long way with our footwear by creating different styles, updating the design, adding new features, and improving the materials of all of our footwear, especially our Chrome clipless shoes. 

We've really outdone ourselves this season by collaborating with Panaracer and their famous high quality rubber compound to combine with our footwear design and technology. It’s hands down one of our most durable shoes with excellent grip that will last on and off the bike.

Clip in shoes from Chrome Industries

Despite the function of clipping-in onto clipless pedals, the word clipless originated from the use of toe-clips, which is a metal or plastic cage with straps that is designed to go onto the front of flat pedals and hold your shoe in place while riding. It's a simple system, yet can also be a hassle when it comes to tightening and loosening the straps every time you need to take your foot off of the pedal. Hence the creation of clipless pedals - no toe clips, just clip in with your cleats and go.

Clipless shoes, which are also referred to as SPD shoes, cycling shoes, or biking shoes - are designed so you can step-in or clip into your pedal using your shoe and clip out by by turning your heel out. Keep in mind, not all clipless shoes are alike and there are many variations depending on the pedals and cleats you’re using. Chrome Pro Series footwear is designed with a 2-bolt compatible cleat mount. This means that most 2-bolt cleat systems - like SPDs - will work just as intended.

If you’re new to riding with cleats or just clipless-curious, we believe our Pro Series is a great place to start for a shoe that can easily go from pedal to pavement.

Woman on a bike wearing clip in sneakers
Kursk AW Pro

All of our Chrome Pro Series shoes have a rad feature we designed called the FlexPlate™ - a full length nylon shank thats rigid and intended for pedal power and walking comfort. The recessed cleat mount lets you walk in your shoes without feeling or hearing your cleats crunch or tap against the ground - if you know you know.

"How is this possible? How do I not sound like I'm tap dancing?" Glad you asked. The cleat mount in the Pro Series are designed to be recessed into the sole, which keeps the bottom of the shoes flat and helps improve the life of the cleat - your cleats will thank you.


Watch our deep dive on the new Pro Series Shoes and what makes them stand out from the rest.


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