Introducing the Reflective Fog Collection

person wearing the Barrage Cargo Backpack in the Fog color

It’s officially fall aka pumpkin spice season.  What comes with all that spicy orange goodness? Shorter days. But don’t let the gloom of winter kill your vibe. Whether you’re biking, skating or just cruising around, our newest collection is designed to ensure you can safely navigate the city with fresh takes on reflectivity in flagship Chrome styles. 

We sat down with Chrome Designer and bag savant, Stephen Willis to get all the details on the Fog capsule. Keep scrollin' to learn more.

Bag Designer Stephen W
Chrome Designer Stephen Willis

Q: What inspired the design behind this collection?

A: Whether it’s Chrome’s home in Portland, or our many years in San Francisco grey days just seem to be around us. It hasn’t stopped us in all our years of navigating the city, and why not have something that nods to the colors we see for most the year? From the grey hues in the sky and streets, to the blue accents of the water it just felt like home. Add that big reflective panel on each style, and it’s like turning the fog lights on and guiding our way to the next spot.

Q: What’s your favorite bag within the collection?

A: Personally, I’m a big fan of smaller bags right now so the Doubletrack Handlebar Sling is my go-to. Easy to attach to my bike, equally wearable as a crossbody bag it’s a no-brainer to leave home with. It’s nice to have a neutral color bag to accessorize my bike with, and for it to hold all my snacks is just a bonus.

Q: How is the fog collection different than the night collection in terms of features and benefits?

A: Chrome has had a take that reflectivity should be only there when you need it. The Night Collection has been Chrome’s offering for those subtle reflective details that are seen only at night. Fog takes some of our best performing reflective materials and adds some new color to our classic bags. Compared to a printed fabric our reflective TPU front panels will stay bright for a long time, and not wear away.

Q: Who did you design this collection for?

A: This colorway is for anyone looking to be seen while on the move. The neutral grey goes with a lot of different outfits and looks great on and off the bike. For low visibility days, but for maximum effect.

Shop the entire reflective collection here.

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