Meet the Artist: Squid Bikes

squid bikes staff creating art on a bike frame

The homies at Squid don’t need any introduction. They’re royalty in the DIY world and they let their bikes do the talking on and off the trail. From ripping UCI courses to organizing bandit tracklocross, these Sacramento shredders put their distinct mark on everything they touch. So when the homie Chris hit us off with this ill lock-up remix, we had to press it for the people.

Who are you and what’s your role at Squid Bikes?

Chris Namba, I wear a ton of hats at Squid: Co-founder, Team Mechanic, Frame designer, bike painter, and graphic designer.

Working at Squid bikes painting a bike frame
Photo by @terrible.angles

What inspires you to create?
Sometimes it’s just boredom. I will draw on pretty much anything I can get my hands on. Especially when I’m traveling, it’s nice getting to draw on people’s stuff to be able to leave my mark when I’m visiting places.

Who are some of your favorite artists?
Jean-Michel Basquiat, Takis, Todd Francis.

Who/what is Chunz?

Chunz is the little monster I draw on things.

Squid bikes design

What is #DIYFS and where did it come from?
DIYFS is “Do it your f*cking self”, it’s a major ethos of our company. We offer all our frames raw so customers, if they so choose, can purchase Spray.Bike from us. The goal is to empower our customers to express their creativity and customize their own bike.

Squid bikes, all of the colors

Why is customization so important?
It makes it so everything you touch is standalone or individual. Even when I was a kid I used to cover everything in stickers. It’s fun to make your belongings stand out or look different, especially in the bike industry where so many people all have the same bike, painted the same color.

Squid bikes array of painted bikes

Photo by @terrible.angles

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