Hacks with Chrome: Tire Tips

person fixing a bike tire

Two words. Flat tire. It can kill the vibe of any ride, yet we've all been there at some point, maybe more often than we'd like to admit. Changing a flat tire can be time-consuming, tedious, and downright frustrating. Luckily, we have some tips to share from our Chromies in the video below.

We received so many tire tips and tricks from folks on Instagram that we wanted to pass the knowledge on to you. Maybe you already know, or maybe you don't. Only one way to find out.

Person fixing their bike
  • "Be prepared with the right tools, spare tube, tire plug, etc." - @conversationpace
  • "Pedro's tire levers are the way to go." - @h00dievault
  • "You can use the tire lever to remove a tire and put it back on." - @antiheroin
  • "A dollar can go a long way with tire booting." - @caseynorth522
  • "Just spend $4 on the Park Tool tire boots." - @conversationpace

Person touching bike tire
  • "Take off the stem caps. They are completely unnecessary and in the way most of the time." - @shakyhandsmakesmerch
  • "You can run a second tube inside your wheel so you can quickly swap and get moving." - @dad_mode_wheelie_gang
  • "Buy tubes with removable cores." - @goathead_sower
  • "Cut the valve off an old tube and use it to line your tire for additional puncture protection." - @bluerichjune
  • "Always spend the extra 5 bucks on puncture-resistant tubes." - @punkrockkaren
  • "Tubeless sealant can be used in tubes too." - @whoisjayke
  • "When adding sealant to your tube or tubeless tire, it's important to spin your tire and move it all around to evenly displace your sealant... best way to do that is to GO RIDE YOUR BIKE IMMEDIATELY!!!!" - @donovan.rice
  • "I run 110 psi on my single speed and that helps. Best setup would be a tubeless tire w/ insert for pinch flats." - @depichet

Person looking at bike tire
  • "Check your tire pressure before EVERY RIDE." - @haile_yeah86
  • "@ashleyallen told me to roll the bead over the rim on those tight road tires and it changed my life!" - @mostlyskateboarding
  • "When fitting tight tires, finish at the valve." - @jonyprill
  • "I always do a half psi pump up to seat everything. Gives you a chance to look over before going to full psi. Just making sure nothing is pinched or poking out. Let our air and do another check and then pump to full psi." - @_chewbika_
  • "DO check the inside of the tire for glass, but maybe use a glove in case of, y'know, GLASS." - @jona.mcc
  • "Check air pressure at least once a week..." - @mars042

Person holding bike up
  • "Avoid borders of the road to prevent flats." - @earanrides365
  • "Dodge roofing nails on the road." - @swiftcycling
  • "Always find the cause of the flat before repairing!" - @jaikoeb
  • "Use tire liners." - @pags_r1a

Panaracer bike tire
  • "Panaracers. That is all." - @zakstrikesbak
  • "Stay on top of tire pressure, ride Conti Gatorskins." - @ridekw.ca
  • "I get so few punctures on Thickslicks compared to other tires." - @bensbiking_
  • "If having trouble setting the bead, use Bike Lust!" - @dguzman09
  • "Specialized Armadillos." - @aj___lp

Have a tip you want to share? Leave a comment in our YouTube Tire Tips video. Good luck and keep it rubber side down! #themoreyouchrome

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