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How to Choose the Right Bag

The Barrage Cargo shown with it's easy bike helmet carry

Chrome Industries has been around for over 25 years developing rad durable bags of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Many bags have come and gone (R.I.P), while others are here to stay (yay!). All of our bags are designed with purpose, functionality, and durability in mind - and with that we have over 10 different types of bags to choose from.

So many bags, so many options. Where to begin?

Let's pretend one of our Chromies is helping you out. They ask you what you're looking for. You say a bag - they say you've come to the right place - you both laugh and so begins your journey.


Citizen in black chrome looking out over the city

Messenger Bag - It's what we're most known for. You know, the bag with the seatbelt buckle that you can also use as a bottle opener. Our Chrome messenger bags are built twice with a weatherproof tarp liner and nylon shell on the outside - and a floating tarp bucket liner on the inside. The floating bucket liner acts as a wet/dry compartment to keep your things separated - so you can have clean clothes in one compartment and your wet stinky stuff in the other. The style is single shoulder carry, meaning the strap is meant to be worn over the left shoulder. The most convenient feature is the fact that you can swing the bag around without having to take it off to get inside. Quick and efficient. Depending on the size and need, these bags are meant to hold a lot of stuff - packages, books, clothes, groceries, skateboard, even your dog.

Two of our most popular and iconic bags are the Chrome Mini Metro messenger bag and the Chrome Citizen messenger bag. You can attach Chrome accessories like our laptop sleeves & tech organizers, and the messenger organizer adding versality to your bag.

If you prefer a messenger bag that goes over your right shoulder - especially if you're left handed, injured, or just like switching it up - check out the Buran III. It has a reversible shoulder strap for right or left carry and offers a lot of organization for your tech and gear. Watch and learn what the Buran III is all about.

If you're looking for a bag specifically for courier work / delivery jobs, then our Chrome Pro Bags are for you.

Kadet Sling on a person's back

Sling Bag - One strap to rule them all. Chrome sling bags are made and worn like our messengers bags, but designed to carry the essentials without all the extra baggage. It's a single shoulder carry - worn over the shoulder - and provides quick access to your gear by easily swinging from your back to your front. These bags are considered our everyday carry - EDC for short - and make getting around super convenient and easy. A few of our slings can be worn in more ways than one - like around the waist and on the bike. Either way, everyone should own a sling bag.

Our fan favorite slings are the Chrome Kadet Sling - which has our iconic seatbelt buckle and removable stabilizer strap - and the Chrome Mini Kadet Sling - a mini and mighty version of the Kadet, but with a steel slider that also functions as a bottle opener.

Barrage Cargo as a surfing Backpack

Backpack - Aside from messenger bags, Chrome backpacks are our bread and butter. Backpacks are worn as two shoulder carry for equal weight distribution, so we made sure to design ours with padded ergonomic shoulder straps for extra support and comfort. Most of our shoulder straps come with an adjustable sternum strap to keep the bag from shifting around while you're on the bike or on the go. All of our backpacks also have a built-in laptop sleeve, the majority of them being padded and able to fit various sized laptops. Nearly all of our backpacks have a padded, molded back panel that helps with air flow and ventilation - your back will thank you. Have you ever worn a bag that you have sweated through? It sucks. We got your back tho.

We have a lot of backpacks to choose from, but our best selling and most popular out of the bunch is the Chrome Barrage Cargo, which is known for its built-in cargo net on the front, abrasion-resistant exterior, and welded tarp liner - making it 100% waterproof. Next up is its big brother, the Chrome Barrage Freight, which is bigger in volume + size, but functions the same as its little bro. Followed by the Hondo, a simple - yet durable backpack that has a lot to offer in a backpack. This ain't your average daypack.


Doubletrack Handlebar Bag on a bike

On Bike Bag - As much as we love designing bags to go on your body, we also think your bike should handle the carry when you don't have to. Our Chrome pannier and Chrome handlebar bags are an awesome choice for riders of all backgrounds - cyclists, commuters, adventure riders, and anyone who can pedal a bike. Our handlebar bags have the option to be worn cross-body or around the waist and have a hook and loop attachment system to get the bag back on the bike easy and ready to shred. We also created a pannier bag you can easily mount - or wear. See how the Chrome Urban Ex Pannier works.

Check out our fan favorite Chrome handlebar bags - the Helix Handlebar Bag, Doubletrack Handlebar Bag and the Urban Ex Handlebar Bag 2.0. All featured in our Chrome handlebar bag video. If you already have a handlebar bag, but need something extra for a water bottle, snacks, or extra storage - then let us introduce you to our Doubletrack feed bag. A great little buddy that you can store your camera in or share your chips & guacamole.

Now that you know our different style options, the next important question is...

Iconic Chrome Industries image of the seatbelt buckle

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