Helix Handlebar Bag

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A sturdy hook and loop attachment system will keep the 3L Helix on bike bag affixed to your handlebars when you're ripping around town. A secret hideaway sling strap stays stowed until it's time to leave your ride locked up and continue on foot. Toss in your essentials and stay moving.

Color: Fog
Helix handlebar bag from the top down on a bike mobile size image

Specs & Comparison

ViewingHelix Handlebar bag in fog on a bike #color_fog
Helix Handlebar Bag Regular price$45.00 USD Sale price$26.99 USD
Waterproof Handlebar bike bag in black #color_black
Urban Ex 2.0 Handlebar Bag Regular price$50.00 USD Sale price$29.99 USD
5L Doubletrack Handlebar Sling in black #color_black
Doubletrack Handlebar Sling Regular price$45.00 USD
$26.99 USD




Water Resistence


100% Waterproof


Device Fit

Fits most phones

Fits most phones, unpadded

Fits most phones