Mini Metro Messenger

Sale price$125.00 USD
A small-scale version of our original, iconic messenger bag. Water-resistant and durable, the Mini Metro 20.5L Messenger is ready to carry your gear comfortably through your day.

Color: Royale
Mini Metro Messenger bag worn by a person

Product Comparison

ViewingMini Metro Messenger in purple #color_royale
Mini Metro Messenger
$125.00 USD
15L sling Kadet Max in amber tritone #color_amber tritone
Kadet Max
$130.00 USD

Citizen Messenger in purple #color_royale
Citizen Messenger
$150.00 USD




Water Resistence

High weather resistance


High weather resistance

Device Fit

Up to 13", no pocket

Up to 15", padded

Up to 15", no pocket