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Gear Guide: T-Lok Technology

Gear Guide: T-Lok Technology

 We’ve been in the backpack game for more than 25 years and know that one size never truly fits all. While most bags are adjustable, we’ve created a truly customizable fit with our T-Lok technology. Found on our new collection of everyday commute bags, T-Lok adjustable shoulder straps create a perfect fit.

Bags with the T-Lok System: Corbet, Hawes,  and Hondo 

T-Lok Advantage #1: Customizable Fit

Bodies come in all sizes and shapes, and nobody wants to feel like an outlier in their gear. The T-Lok system recognizes the diversity in shoulder and neck widths, as well as the ideal carry point, which can differ by up to 4” on each side. By creating side-to-side adjustments, this system ensures shoulder straps conform ideally to virtually any body shape. While the up/down adjustment slightly accommodates torso length, its primary purpose is to enable overlapping width settings for personalized comfort.

T-Lok system on the shoulder strap of a bag

T-Lok Advantage #2: Versatile Carry Style

Experience the freedom to remove one shoulder strap and tailor the remaining one into a cross-body configuration—a nod to our messenger DNA, offering a unique and adaptable carry style.

The Hawes carried as a one strap bag

Watch how easy it is to get the perfect fit:




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