Let's Party Like It's 1999

Blast to the past with Chrome's April Fools Chromagotchi
Transport back to a simpler time. Get in on the action and sign up for top-secret access to our brand-new Chromagotchi Buckle collection. Because who wouldn't want a digital pet living in their buckle?


The original virtual reality buckle.
Ever find yourself longing for simpler times? Picture this! Summer is on the horizon and the only thing depending on you is your unpredictable but extremely needy digital pet. Enter the Chromagotchi Buckle Collection. We’re taking you back to the turn of the millennium with three limited edition buckles, each with a new responsibility living inside. Let the calming rhythm of “Feed. Light. Duck. Play.” cycle on an endless loop, until you aren’t sure the last time you ate a meal.
You can’t put a price tag on the joy of keeping your little pal alive longer than a week, but knowing a reset button can give you a fresh start? Priceless. Part retro charm, part modern utility, the Chromagotchi is a new (old) kind of virtual reality.
*No pixelated pets were harmed in the making of these buckles.
**Bags guaranteed for life, no guarantee on Chromagotchi pet lifespan…no pressure.

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