Who’s Your (Pop-Culture) Mama?

Who’s Your (Pop-Culture) Mama?

  And What’s she most likely to carry?

This year's Mother’s Day gift guide is inspired by these legendary TV and film moms that captured our imaginations—and our hearts. Who’s most like the iconic moms in your life? We’ve got just the bag for them.

The Queen of Darkness Herself ...
Morticia Addams (Addams Family)

Morticia Adams carries a Tensile Sling bag

Inside her structured black (of course) Tensile Sling with black buckle, you'll find an assortment of potion vials, black rose seeds, and a guidebook to haunted bike trails. Perfect for a midnight ride through the cemetery.

Master of Suburban Cool ...
Carol Brady (Brady Bunch) 
Carol Brady would carry a Valencia Tote pack

Her practical Valencia Tote is filled with snacks for her hungry kids, sunscreen for sunny family bike outings, and a fold-out map of all the grooviest bike paths in town.

Travel-Lover ...
Kate McCallister (Home Alone)
Kate McCallester carries a Kadet Max

Her 15L Kadet Max comes equipped with compartments for emergency passports, spare chargers for her phone, and a printed list of all her kids' allergies. Plus, there's a special pocket for a talkboy recorder, because she never knows when one of her kids might need to defend himself against burglars.

Beacon of Sanity in a World of Chaos ...
Marge Simpson (Simpsons)
Marge Simpson carries the Yoyogi Messenger

Big enough to fit her baby comfortably inside, her cross-body Yoyogi Messenger is filled with snacks for her son’s bottomless stomach, her precociously talented daughter’s saxophone sheet music, and a spare pair of bunny ears, just in case.

Martini-sipping Matriarch ...
Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development) 
Lucille Booth carries the Sodo Sling

Tucked inside her sleek Sodo Sling, you'll find a flask of top-shelf vodka, a compact mirror for touch-ups, and a wad of cash for bribing her way out of any sticky situations.

Part Drill Sergeant/Part Ringmaster ...
Lois (Malcolm In the Middle)
Lois Malcolm carries a barrage backpack

Durable enough to withstand the chaos of her household, her adaptable Barrage Cargo is filled with first-aid supplies for her accident-prone boys, a whistle for when she needs to round them up, and a secret stash of personal chocolate.

Mom-on-a-Mission ...
Sarah Connor (Terminator)
Sarah Connor carries a Citizen Messenger

Equipped with compartments for ammo, a survival knife, and a compact first-aid kit, her rugged Citizen Messenger is also roomy enough for her trusty fold-up shotgun, because you never know when you might encounter a rogue terminator during your morning commute.

Mom with a Vengeance ...
Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill)
Beatrix Kiddo carries a Kadet Sling

Not quite big enough to hold her katana, her Kadet does fit a change of clothes, a photo of her daughter, and a hidden pocket for her list of targets, because revenge is a dish best served organized.

Drama Queen Extraordinaire ...
Moira Rose (Schitts Creek) Moira Rose carries a mini tensile sling in black

Accessorized with rhinestones and faux pearls, her Mini Tensile holds a copy of her autobiography for impromptu signings and a flask of her favorite fruit wine for when she needs to "wine down" after a long ride.

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