Chrome Artist Sneak Peek: Alexander Lee Chang

Chrome Artist Sneak Peek: Alexander Lee Chang

Introducing a new street inspired collab with Tokyo based fashion brand, ALC. This new capsule is both understated with hardware and color-pop liners that infuse this unique collection with vibrancy, capturing the beauty and grit of city life in motion. We had the exclusive opportunity to sit down with Alexander Lee Chang, the visionary mind behind his namesake fashion brand ALC to dive into his creative process, what inspires him and how this unique Chrome capsule came to life. 

CHROME: Tell us a little more about ALC. What inspired you to start the brand?

ALEXANDER: Before starting ALC, I worked as a designer for skateboard apparel at AQUA A BRANCH (hereinafter referred to as AQUA). AQUA had limitations due to its focus on skateboard apparel, and I desired to create more free-spirited clothing. Subsequently, I established my own company to pursue unrestricted clothing design, leading to the creation of the Alexander Lee Chang brand.

CHROME: How does your background as a professional skater inspire your creativity?

ALEXANDER: I began skateboarding in San Francisco at the age of 10, and I turned professional at 17. My skateboarding style was centered around the streets, emphasizing freedom and creativity. That skateboarding style flows at the core of my creative endeavors.

CHROME: Your designs are often celebrated as being creative and unique, can you tell us about your creative process?

ALEXANDER: Every day, when I see, hear, or smell something that inspires me, I create it in my mind and then bring it to life. I make artwork by drawing by hand, illustrating it in Illustrator, or creating collages in Photoshop.

CHROME: Can you tell us more about this collaboration with Chrome Industries? What drew you to the brand?

ALEXANDER: The first messenger bag I ever used was from Chrome! And my hometown is San Francisco, where Chrome's headquarters were at the time so it felt like a special connection and was fun to bring both of our histories full circle with this collection. 

CHROME: What inspired the print for the Chrome Collection?

ALEXANDER: The print design was inspired by my favorite cats, leopards, blended with camouflage patterns. I felt like there was something for everyone and it was created with the intention of making something unisex that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Chrome X ALC fabric swatches

This limited-edition collection features a mix of Chrome’s most iconic gear like the Kadet, remixed with an ALC custom print offered in electric green and classic black and white colorways. Shop the entire collection here


Chrome X ALC Collab collage of bags

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