Chrome X Gays Okay: Meet Bane, Founder of Inmigrancake

Chrome X Gays Okay: Meet Bane, Founder of Inmigrancake

Since we launched our capsule with Gays Okay Cyclng in May, we have been deeply moved by the stories of strength, resilience and creativity that the LGBTQIA+ community has shared with us these past few months.  At the heart of this collection is the idea that every story deserves to be heard and every journey deserves to be celebrated! Bane is no exception! We were able to sit down with them and learn more about how they find joy in movement, what inspires them and more about their incredible business, Inmigrancake

Chrome: Tell us more about you, who you are and where you find yourself.

Bane: My name is Bane, I'm 30 years old, and my life revolves around movement, hence bicycles. I was born in Patagonia, Chile, specifically in Punta Arenas, and currently, after exploring several countries in the Americas, I live in Mexico. I enjoy the nomadic lifestyle, and I'm passionate about bike touring.

Chrome: What inspired you to start your project inmigrancake?

Bane: I have been a vegetarian since I was 14 years old and a vegan since I turned 18. This motivated me to start a vegan food project on the move, called "Inmigrancake." I prepare food in an  underground kitchen and deliver it by bicycle around the city. Inmigrancake was born out of the necessity to have a dignified job as a migrant, where my autonomy and skills could sustain me economically in a foreign country with limited opportunities.

Chrome: What moves you?

Bane: I love being able to choose what to do every day without knowing what I will discover. Cycling gives me a lot of autonomy and freedom, and  has led me to explore incredible places. It has provided me with the opportunity to move from one place to another, to meet wonderful people, and, above all, it has given me emotional and economic stability.

Chrome: What does Pride mean to you?

Bane: When I discovered Pride, I felt embraced. I had always been surrounded by people from the LGBTQ+ community without knowing about the Pride movement. Knowing that we exist and resist in different parts of the world opened a new path in my life. It allowed me to identify many things about myself that previously didn't have a name in my mind. Pride helped me better understand myself, and I could truly discover who I was without feeling confined by the imposed norms of binary thinking.


Chrome: Cuén00’tanos más de ti, quien eres y por donde te encuentras?

Bane: Soy Bane, tengo 30 años y mi vida gira en torno al movimiento, por ende a la bicicleta. Nací en la Patagonia, Chile, específicamente en Punta Arenas y actualmente, después de conocer varios países de América, vivo en Mexico. Me gusta la vida nómada y me apasiona el cicloviaje. 

Chrome: ¿Qué te inspiró a empezar inmigrancake? 

Bane: Soy vegetariana desde los 14 años y vegana desde los 18 años y eso me motivó a empezar un proyecto de comida vegana en movimiento, inmigrancake, preparo comida en una cocina oculta y reparto en bicicleta por la ciudad. Inmigrancake nació por la necesidad de tener un trabajo digno siendo migrante, donde la autonomía y mis conocimientos pudiesen sostenerme económicamente en un país diferente al mío y sin muchas oportunidades. 

Chrome: ¿Qué es lo que te anima a estar en movimiento?

Bane: Me gusta mucho poder elegir cada día que hacer sin saber que voy a descubrir, la bicicleta me entrega mucha autonomía y libertad y me ha llevado a conocer lugares increíbles, me ha dado la oportunidad de mudarme de un lugar a otro, de conocer personas maravillosas  y sobre todo me ha dado estabilidad emocional y económica. 

Chrome: Que significa “Pride” para ti?

Bane: Cuando conocí el movimiento PRIDE u orgullo en español, me sentí arropado, siempre estuve rodeado de personas de la diversidad sexual sin tener idea de la existencia de este y saber que existimos y resistimos en diferentes partes del mundo abrió una nuevo camino en mi vida y pude identificar muchas cosas que en mi mente no tenían nombre, me ayudo a entender mejor mi ser, pude descubrir quien era realmente sin sentirme encasillado en la norma impuesta del binarismo.

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