Kadet Max Slide

new sling
Sale price$120.00 USD
Smaller than a messenger, bigger than a sling - the Kadet Max Slide 15L cross-body is that perfect goldilocks size laptop bag for your daily commute essentials. This bag mirrors our popular Kadet Max in every aspect except the closure. This style comes with a lightweight slide closure which can be swapped for other LG (2") slide buckles or LG (2") seatbelt buckles to really spice it up. Choices.

Color: Black XRF
Kadet Max Slide features

Meet the newest Kadet Max

Swappable Buckle

Amplify the Kadet Max Slide with it's swappable buckle technology. Add a new iconic seatbelt buckle (LG 2") or another color for the lightweight interchangeable slider (LG 2") to spice up this bag whenever you like!

Product Comparison

ViewingKadet Max slide in black reflective #color_black xrf
Kadet Max Slide
$120.00 USD

Mini Metro Messenger in purple #color_royale
Mini Metro Messenger
$125.00 USD
Kadet Slide in amber #color_amber heatmap
Kadet Slide Sling
$85.00 USD





Water Resistence


High weather resistance


Device Fit

Up to 15", padded

Up to 13", no pocket

Tablet pocket, unpadded