Kadet Sling LTD

swappable buckle LG
Sale price$80.00 USD
Our Kadet Sling LTD 9L in Black X comes standard with a slider buckle that's swappable. You heard us right! Amplify this bag by adding on a new LG (2 inch) size buckle. Whether it’s slider to seatbelt, or just a color-swap, you can now buckle-up your way.

Color: Black X
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Kadet Sling LTD

Amplify the Kadet Sling LTD with it's swappable buckle technology. Add a new iconic seatbelt buckle or another color for the interchangeable slider and spice up this bag whenever you like!

Specs & Comparison

ViewingKadet ltd sling with interchangeable slide buckle
Kadet Sling LTD Sale price$80.00 USD
Kadet Sling LTD in Black X with swappable buckle technology
Mini Kadet Sling LTD Sale price$75.00 USD



Water Resistence



Device Fit

Up to 11" tablet, unpadded

Fits most phones, unpadded