The Cool Dad Gift Guide

A dad jumping in the air wearing a Chrome bag
The dad who’s not a regular dad deserves a gift that’s not a regular gift. Our Father’s Day guide can help. We pulled together a list of our favorites that your cool dad will carry proudly—a token of his favorite kid’s affection.


Kadet Max – “The Punkrock Briefcase”
Kadet Max bag for the Punk Rock Dad

The dad who marches to the beat of his drum will love this perfect-sized crossbody. It comes with our iconic seatbelt buckle closure, but he can rock his own style with fun color options and swappable buckles.


Hondo - "The Type A"

Hondo Backpack in GreyIdeal for the uber organized dad who color-codes his socks and alphabetizes his tools—and stylish enough to make the daily grind the daily groove.


Barrage Cargo - "The Fit Flex"

Barrage Cargo BackpackYour gym-going dad who’s not a gym bro will appreciate a heavy-duty gym bag that doesn’t look the part. Tons of space and an adjustable exterior cargo net that’s perfect for airing out stinky athletic shoes.


Tensile Sling Bag - "The Standout"

Tensile Sling Bag as a fathers day giftMade for the dad who's not afraid to grab attention, even if it's just in the carpool lane. Why blend in when you can buckle up and be bold?


Citizen - "The Rookie"

Citizen Messenger bag in Amber tritoneThe go-to bag for the new dad who's still learning the ropes. This gender-neutral messenger makes for a street-smart diaper bag.


Urban Ex - "The All-Weather Commuter"

Urban Ex Backpack as a fathers day giftBuilt tough for the dad who never lets a little rain stop him from biking to work or play. Give him 100% interior-welded waterproof construction with a built-in laptop sleeve in a bag that can take a beating.


Kadet - "The I-Don’t-Need-A-Bag Bag"
Kadet Sling in red

For the minimalist dad who thinks backpacks are overkill but still needs somewhere to stash the snacks. Who needs two straps when one will do?


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