You've heard of Dad Bods?

What bag would your dad be?

We're introducing (drum roll) ... Dad Bags. This year's Father’s Day Gift Guide is inspired by these legendary TV and film dads whose unique styles warrant a gift like no other. And you get to look inside each dad’s bag to see what he’s carrying. …Which of these iconic guys is most like the special father figures in your life?


Uncle Phil, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:

The structured Tensile Sling carries his clean handkerchief for wiping away sweat during intense courtroom battles or impromptu dance-offs, a list of "Uncle Phil's Life Lessons," and a secret compartment for his favorite jelly beans.

Uncle Phil's dad bag Tensile Sling


Jim's Dad, American Pie:

Inside his lightweight and comfy Highline Backpack, you'll find a mixtape labeled "Songs to Embarrass My Son With," a well-worn copy of "101 Dad Jokes," a flask of "special occasion" whiskey, and a manual on how to give "the talk."

Jim's Dad bag of choice is the Highline Backpack


Phil Dunphy, Modern Family:

His lightweight and comfy Hawes backpack,  is packed with dad jokes, a "World's Best Dad" mug, a self-help book on how to be a "cool dad," and a miniature drone for spying on his kids. 

Phil's bag of choice, the Hawes backpack


Darth Vader, Star Wars:

His battle-ready, waterproof Urban Ex is chock full of spare lightsaber crystals, a black cape repair kit, a personalized "I am your father" mug, and a hologram message from Emperor Palpatine reminding him to pick up milk on his way back from the Death Star.

The Darth Vader dad bag


Bryan Mills, Taken:

His sleek messenger sling Kadet is stocked with a burner phone, a map of European capitals, a list of his "particular set of skills," and a pack of zip ties."

Bryan Mills dad bag the Kadet


Bob, Bob's Burgers:

Tucked into his heavy-duty Barrage Cargo , you’ll find an assortment of burger-flipping spatulas, a condiment sampler, a notepad filled with burger puns, and a secret stash of his favorite hot sauce.

Bob's burgers dad bag the barrage


Gomez Addams, Addams Family:

Inside his perfect-sized Kadet Max, you'll find a DIY torture device kit, a vial of "elixir of life," and a romantic note to Morticia sealed with a wax skull.

Gomez Addams dad bag


Chas Tenenbaum, Royal Tenenbaums:

His slim Sabin 6L bag contains a pocket-sized first aid kit complete with tiny defibrillators, a foldable road map (because GPS can't be trusted), and a mini bullhorn for shouting "Evacuate!" at the slightest hint of danger.

 Chas T wears a Sabin 3L Sling


Mrs. Doubtfire, Mrs. Doubtfire:

Her flexible Valencia Tote contains an array of disguises, a makeup kit for quick transformations, and a planner to keep track of who she’s supposed to be where and when—since juggling two lives requires meticulous organization.


Furious Styles, Boyz n the Hood:

His Citizen bag holds essentials for neighborhood watch duties, including a flashlight, a map of the local area, and a notepad for jotting down suspicious activity.


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